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THE 4TH Level –   Sci-fi/thriller – Race Matheson possesses such a high level of super-human consciousness that he is suddenly catapulted into two separate realities: a writer with a loving wife and son in one reality, and a ruthless drug dealer in the other. Race’s journey to take back control of his life plunges him into the depth of his subconscious and will ultimately decide the fate of human evolution.

JANE –  psycho action thriller -  A child witnesses the brutal murder of her mother at the hands of her father,…or did she? Twenty years later she is now a ruthless assassin and  when her father is released from prison with only one agenda: to prove to his daughter, he’s innocent, JANE goes on a deadly journey through her past to find out the truth.

BLOODLINES –  heist action thriller –  WALL ST. meets THE TOWN as three friends set out to silently take over a major corporation by physically hijacking the company’s liquid assets and then using the funds to secretly obtain controlling interest.

NOIR -  psycho action thriller- AN ODE TO SERGIO LEONE’s SPAGHETTI WESTERNS. Sandoval Parisi, an Ex-mob assassin, turns states evidence against his former employers and gets relocated to Marseilles, France where he falls in love with Lola, a beautiful American call girl. Unbeknownst to him,  Lola is the daughter of the last man Sandoval ever murdered. Tensions mount even more when Sandoval is found and must face off with “the family” he betrayed.

FREE-RUNNERS- (working title)   Action/drama- Two young boys make a pact to always have each others back. Growing up, one becomes a gangster and the other learns the ways of parkour and forms a group to protect the neighborhood. When the day comes where they have to go against each other, does the pact still hold true?

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